BC PNP Entrepreneur

This pilot is intended to help address demographic challenges in these communities, including the movement of young individuals to more closely populated cities in B.C. in search of better opportunities. B.C. provides a range of provincial nominee programs for entrepreneur immigration.


BC PNP EI Key Features

  • Participating communities have an active role in the selection of potential applicants. Designated community representatives meet with potential entrepreneurs, hear their business proposals, and refer them to the BC PNP if their proposal is selected.
  • BC PNP referrals participating communities could refer immigrant entrepreneurs to the BC PNP. To be referred, the entrepreneur candidate should conduct an examining visit to the community and the proposed business should meet the community’s economic development priorities.
  • Participating communities could advantage from a devoted community concierge appointed through the pilot to help with their immigration requirements.
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs with community referrals would be capable to register in a separate candidate pool for the EI regional pilot.

Who Can Apply For BC PNP

Entrepreneurs and investors who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Personal net worth of at least CAD $600,000
  • Three years in the past ten years. If no business experience should have similar to a 2-year post-secondary diploma.
  • Basic English or French language skills
  • Post-secondary education or at least three years of business ownership experience in the past five years
  • Have legal status in the country where you recently live
  • Make an eligible personal investment of about CAD $ 200,000 in the business.
  • Establish an eligible new business or purchase and improve an existing business in BC.
  • Make at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a BC PNP Entrepreneur?
This pilot is intended to help address demographic challenges in these communities, including the movement of young individuals to more closely populated cities in B.C. in search of better opportunities. B.C. provides a range of provincial nominee programs for entrepreneur immigration
Do You Have To Explain The Source Of Finance When Providing Credentials About Your Net Worth?
Yes, your personal net worth should be legally obtained and verifiable. You should get a net worth verification report from a BC PNP-authorized accounting firm.
Can We Apply For This Program If Not Having A Post-Secondary Education?
If you don’t have a post-secondary education, you should show that you have experience as an active business owner-manager with 100% ownership of the business for at least three years in the last five years.
Do You Have To Live In BC And Manage Your Business While Awaiting Nomination?
Yes, to be approved for BC PNP nomination, you should show that you’ve been living within fifty km of the business you operate in BC. Additionally, you should as well show that you’ve participated actively in the day-to-day management of your business and have been physically present in BC for about seventy percent of the time while on a work permit.
When Do You Have To Give Your Language Test Results For BC PNP?
If you’re not claiming any extra points for your language skills at the registration stage, you could give your language test results when you reach the final report stage before the nomination. But if you are claiming extra points for your language skills in your registration, you should upload a copy of your valid language results when registering for the program.
Can You Change Your Business Concept After You Submit Your Registration For The BC PNP Entrepreneur Stream?
Before registering for the BC PNP, you should choose the particular type of business you plan to establish or buy in BC. The business structure should be clearly described, and you cannot change or transform your business concept after you submit your registration.
Do You Have To Purchase A Business Before You Submit Your Application For BC PNP Entrepreneur Stream?
No, if you have to purchase an existing business, you should indicate the particular target business in your registration and develop your business plan around that business. Make sure the recent owner has operated the business you plan to purchase for about five years.
Can You Purchase A Franchise In BC And Get A Nomination Under The PNP Program?
Yes, well-established franchises might be considered eligible businesses to invest in under this program.

Base Stream

In this stream, personal net worth should be at least CAD $600,000. Should have business or management experience, if no business experience, should have a similar two-year post-secondary diploma. Must have a basic English or French language skill equal to Canadian language benchmark level 4 or higher. Have been lawfully admitted in the country where you live currently or have or be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada!

Regional Pilot

B.C. welcomes entrepreneurs from around the world to discover a lot of business opportunities across all regions of the province. Entrepreneurs could open a business in one of B.C.’s smaller communities and experience first-hand why a lot select to live outside of a big urban center for their families. Through the EI regional pilot, the province provides an immigration pathway for enterprising individuals who are looking to begin a new business in a small community and make B.C. their new house.


Strategic Projects

This stream is for foreign corporations who have identified strategic investment opportunities in B.C. to establish operations that are integral to the development and expansion of their core business. This stream allows foreign corporations to transfer important staff permanently with the corporate know-how and skill to B.C. The foreign corporation might apply for PN to support the permanent residence of about five of its recent senior employees.


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