Study Permit / Extensions

Mostly foreign nationals who dream to study in Canada should have a valid study permit. If an international student would take longer than expected to finish their study program, or if they transfer to a longer program of study, there’s a strong possibility that they would have to apply to extend their study permit.


Study Permit Eligibility

  • You have to get an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • You have to show enough finances for the first year’s tuition fee, living expenses, and transportation.
  • IRCC might need police clearance certificates and medical tests to prove you’re acceptable in Canada.
  • You should satisfy Canadian authorities that you would leave Canada after finishing your studies or till after your PGWP expires.

Study Visa Benefits


You have to travel back and forth from Canada when you are studying here, and doing so would need a valid student visa to enter Canada again.


You can apply for a student visa by itself if your study permit’s length exceeds the expiry date of your formerly given visitor visa, and now you have to travel in and out of Canada.


If you applied for a study permit/study permit extension from within Canada and now have to get a student visa to travel in and out of Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Extend Your Study Permit?
Study permits could be extended by sending an online electronic application to IRCC or by mailing an application with supporting credentials to CIC Alberta.
When Should I Apply If I Have To Extend My Work Permit?
You must apply to extend your permit at least thirty days before it expires. Ensure your passport does not expire at the same time. Beyond your passport’s expiry date you cannot extend your study permit. If you apply before your permit expires, you could stay in Canada under similar conditions as your current study permit unless you get a choice. You should apply to extend your study permit if you plan to travel out of Canada and your permit would expire while you are travelling. If your study permit expires, and you have not applied for an extension, you should leave Canada.
Can You Go Back Home While Studying?
If you wish to leave Canada during a scheduled break like the summer, winter holidays, and spring break, you have to show evidence you are enrolled in your school when you go back to Canada. If you came here on a visa you have to ensure it is still valid, if you came here on an ETA, and you leave and return to Canada by air, you would have to ensure it is still valid.
Can You Return Home Or Travel Outside Canada During Your Studies?
Yes, but a study permit is not a travel document. Along with your permit, you have either a temporary resident visa or an ETA.
What Is The Cost To Extend the Study Permit?
The cost to extend the study permit is $150.00.
What Is The Difference Between A Study Permit And Visa?
At DLI – designated learning institutions in Canada the study permit allows foreign nationals to study. Most foreign nationals require a study permit to study in Canada. Ensure you have all the credentials you have before you apply. You must apply before you travel to Canada. Your study permit isn’t a visa. It doesn’t let you enter Canada. You might as well require a visitor visa or an ETA.
What Is The Processing Time For A Study Permit Extension Application?
The processing time relies on the workload of the Canadian consulate and it might take at least thirty days.
Are You Applying For A Study Permit Or Study Permit Extension From Outside Canada?
If you are applying for a study permit/study permit extension, then a separate application for a student visa isn’t required. You would be asked to submit your passport automatically and would be granted a study visa once your study permit is approved.

Temporary Resident Visa

  • Any foreign national needs a visa to enter Canada.
  • Foreign nationals should be aware that there’s a high possibility that their TRV will expire on a similar date as their study permit.
  • Maintaining a valid TRV isn’t compulsory for a foreign national studying in Canada as it is the study permit that grants authority to participate in study activities.
  • The TRV allows entry and re-entry to Canada. If you plan to travel out of Canada during your studies, you have to renew your TRV.

Quebec Study Permit Extension

  • In the Quebec province, foreign students should own a valid study permit and a valid CAQ.
  • If foreign students desire to continue their studies after the expiry date shown on their CAQ, then they must apply for a new CAQ from MIDI.


Apply Online Benefits

  • No cost of courier.
  • Your application might be processed more rapidly
  • It helps you ensure your application is complete before you submit it.
  • You can submit more credentials quickly online
  • You directly get updates on the status of your application in your online account


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