Post Graduation Work Permit

PGWP – Post graduate work permits are for foreign students who have graduated from a Canadian DLI – Designated Learning Institution. Post graduate work permits are open work permits that mean they grant foreign nationals the liberty to work for any employer, anywhere in Canada.


Work Permit Eligibility

To be eligible for a post graduation work permit, you should meet all of the following requirements:

  • You should have finished a program of study that lasted at least 8 months and led to a diploma, certificate, or degree.
  • You should have studied full-time every academic session without taking time away from your studies. This doesn’t include scheduled program breaks like winter or summer break for undergraduate students.
  • You should have finished at least fifty percent of your program in Canada which is measured based on the courses you completed in Canada and person until you meet the requirements under IRCC during the transition and pandemic.

How To Apply For Work Permit After Graduation?

To be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit in Canada, you have to meet post graduation work permit criteria, including:


Having graduated from an education program of about eight months


Having completed undergraduate or graduate programs at a university in Canada.


Applying for a work permit within 180 days after your school grants your final marks.


You should have a valid study permit


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Post Graduate Work Permit?
PGWP – Post graduate work permits are for foreign students who have graduated from a Canadian DLI – Designated Learning Institution. Post graduate work permits are open work permits that mean they grant foreign nationals the liberty to work for any employer, anywhere in Canada.
What Is The Processing Time To Get A PGWP?
It takes about eighty to one hundred and eighty days to process the PGWP. While waiting for your PGWP, you are all set to work in Canada provided you applied before the expiry date of your student permit.
Can I Apply For A Work Permit After My PGWP?
There’s nothing that can stop you from applying for another work permit later. You are free to apply for both an LMIA and LMIA exempt permit if you’re eligible but it might be worth considering applying for Canadian permanent residence given you already have Canadian work experience.
Can You Work After Graduation Before You Apply For Your PGWP?
Foreign graduates who apply for a PGWP before the expiry of their study permit are allowed to start legally working in Canada. These applicants don’t have to hold a Canadian work permit while they await a decision on their application for a PGWP.
How Many Times Could You Apply For A PGWP?
You can only apply for a PGWP once. If you’re planning on taking another study program that is a continuation of your initial program, or you are thinking of taking a long degree program in Canada, you might have to apply for your PGWP strategically. Applying after the long period of study would grant you a PGWP with longer validity, to a maximum of 3 years.
Why Should You Apply For A PGWP?
A postgraduate work permit is a practical way to gain Canadian work experience, which you might have to qualify for specific permanent resident programs.
Can You Study Overseas And Still Be Eligible For A PGWP?
Yes, IRCC has a special policy in place during the pandemic that enables international students to conduct distance learning at a Canadian DLI and still be eligible for a PGWP as long as they meet all other requirements. DILs are colleges and universities that are accredited by the Canadian government to welcome foreign students.
How Long Is A PGWP Valid For?
A PGWP is valid for about eight months to three years. The actual length relies on the length of your program at a Canadian DLI.

Steps To Apply

  • You have to collect your final college transcript, graduation letter from your institution, and photocopies of your immigration documents and passport pages to apply for PGWP Canada.
  • You should fill and complete different application forms like IMM 5710, IMM 5476, etc while applying.
  • After compiling all the credentials, you can register using a GC key or a sign-in partner to upload all the credentials and forms. A 255$ fee has to be paid to IRCC through the application portal.
  • You can work while awaiting the decision on your application as long as you’ve met all the eligibility requirements. The PGWP application processing timeline is about three to five months long.

PGWP Rapid Facts

  • A post-graduation work permit could be valid for any time length between 8 months to 3 years.
  • PGWP would not be issued for a duration longer than the candidate’s duration of study in Canada.
  • Usually, the PGWP would be about a similar duration as the candidate’s period of study, up to a maximum of 3 years.
  • As long as more than fifty percent of your program of study is conducted through in-person classes, you are eligible for a PGWP equal to the duration of your program of study.
  • If you studied part-time, or did paced studies, the length of your PGWP would be the length of your program of study, if taken full-time.


Study Eligible Levels

The following levels of study and programs are eligible for PGWPs:


  • Public post-secondary school i.e. college, trade or technical school or university, or CEGEP in Quebec
  • Private post-secondary school i.e. works under similar rules as public schools
  • Private secondary or post-secondary school in Quebec that provides qualifying programs of nine hundred hours or longer, leading to a DEP or an ASP
  • Canadian private schools that could lawfully award degrees under provincial law only for those who are enrolled in study programs leading to a degree as official by the province.


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