Temporary Resident

A document issued by citizenship and immigration Canada that allows individuals who are technically excluded from Canada to visit the country is called a temporary resident permit – TRP. A TRP is only given to an idividual if their need to come to Canada outweighs the risk of that individual being in the country.


Apply For A TRP

  • The TRP process application relies on which country you belong to. Residents of some counties need an ETA, and some need a visa to enter Canada.
  • Applying from a visa required and an ETA required country.
  • Candidates should apply for a visitor visa, including some supporting credentials showing why they are admissible.
  • IRCC might issue a TRP if your ETA was refused, but its approval might rely on the nature of the application.
  • Your own country’s visa office might have its application forms for applying for a TRP.

Understanding Inadmissibility Before TRP Application

An individual could be deemed prohibited for a few reasons:


  • Criminal activities like money laundering, smuggling, or driving under the influence of a substance.
  • Security causes like terrorism, violence, war crimes, etc.
  • Medical issues such as endangering public health and security
  • Lack of financial support
  • Data misrepresentation
  • Non-compliance with any provision of IRPA
  • Being related to a family member who is inadmissible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Temporary Resident Permit?
A document issued by citizenship and immigration Canada that allows individuals who are technically excluded from Canada to visit the country is called a temporary resident permit.
Does Everyone Need A TRP Visa To Visit Canada?
No, you don’t need a TRP visa to visit Canada if you are from a visa-exempt country. A visa-exempt individual that is flying to Canada would have to apply for and get an ETA before boarding his flight.
What Are The Conditions That A TRP Holder Must Fulfill?
  1. Leave Canada before the expiry date of TRP or when their TRP is canceled
  2. Apply for a new TRP before the expiry of the current TRP if they want to maintain their temporary resident status
  3. Apply for and get a TRP to allow them to return to Canada if they are from a country whose citizens need a TRV or they have a TRP that allows re-entry to Canada.
Do You Need A Study Permit To Study In Canada?
It depends; if your study would last less than 6 months then no study permit is required in Canada. Any studies beyond 6 months need a study permit, in addition to a TRP, if you’re not from a visa-exempt country.
How To Qualify For A Work Permit To Work In Canada?
There are a lot of ways to qualify for a work permit in Canada. In some situations, the Canadian employer should show that they were not able to find Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents to fill the position.
What Do I Do If My Application For A TRP Is Refused?
If your TRP application is refused, there’s no formal appeal procedure. Additionally, you might only reapply if your situation has changed considerably or you have new information to submit.
What Credentials Are Needed For The TRP Application?
You would have to submit images, proof of financial support, a photocopy of your return ticket or travel itinerary, and any other credentials needed by the visa office accountable for your region or country.
Do A US Resident With A Green Card Have To Apply For A TRP?
No, you can only present your passport and your green card at the Canadian border if travelling over land. If you’re flying into Canada, you would need an ETA.
How Long A TRP Is Valid?
TRP is valid until IRCC allowed you visit.

Things To Note

  • Certain candidates might have to undergo a medical examination.
  • Criminality and medical problems might prevent a visitor from entering Canada.
  • Visitors to Canada should prove their capability to support themselves during their planned temporary stay in Canada.
  • Citizens of certain countries might have to provide bio-metric information.

Complete The Application

Complete form 1444 and submit the following credentials:

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • FBI background check
  • State police background check for each of the following states:
    • All states in which you have lived for 6 months
    • All states in which you have been charged with a crime
    • All court credentials showing any charges or convictions and whether and when you finished all terms of your sentence.


Submit The Application

Submit your TRP application to the Canadian government for review. US citizens or permanent residents only have two options:

  • Submit your TRP application to the Canadian border agent when at any point of entry.
  • Through email submit your application to the Canadian consulate.


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