Self Employed

A pathway to permanent residence in Canada for a self-employed professional in other countries is called self-employed immigration Canada. Self-employed individuals must have relevant experience and be eager to make an important contribution to Canada’s athletic or cultural industries.


5 Factors Of Eligibility

The five main factors that decide the eligibility for this self-employed program are:

  1. Relevant experience
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Adaptability factors
  5. Proficiency in a language

Self Employed Eligibility Requirements

A foreign worker should meet the government of Canada’s definition of a self-employed individual to be considered eligible for assessment.

A self-employed individual is defined as somebody with relevant self-employed experience in an athletic or cultural activity.

Relevant experience consists of about two years of experience either self-employed in or participating at a world-class level in cultural activities as described by immigrants, refugees, and citizens of Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Self-Employed Program?
A pathway to permanent residence in Canada for self-employed professionals in other countries is called self-employed immigration Canada.
How To Qualify To Immigrate To Canada As A Self-Employed Individual?
To qualify as a self-employed individual, you should have at least two years of relevant experience and show that you plan to become self-employed in Canada.
How To Immigrate To Canada To Become A Self-Employed Individual?
To immigrate to Canada to become a self-employed individual you should meet the definition of a self-employed individual, pass a medical test, and pass criminal and security checks.
What Is The Relevant Experience Requirement To Immigrate As A Self-Employed Individual?
Your experience is relevant if you have taken part in athletics or cultural activities at a world-class level or been a self-employed individual in athletics or cultural activities.
What Is Meant By A Significant Contribution?
A contribution to arts or athletics, even at less than a national standard, might still be significant at the local level.
Is There Any Net Worth Requirement For The Self-Employed Program?
There’s no regulated minimum net worth requirement. Although, you would have to satisfy a visa officer that you’ve enough money to settle in Canada and finance the work on which your selection was based.
What Are The Language Requirements For a Self-Employed Program?
You should include the results of an English or French language test with your application. This would make sure your language skills are considered when we access your application. It should be a third-party language test from an agency approved by IRCC.
What Do Cultural Activities Mean?
Cultural activities include jobs usually seen as part of Canada’s artistic and cultural fields. Examples include authors, writers, creative artists, musicians, painters, sculptors, technical support, creative designers, and craftspeople.

Federal Self Employed Program

Using a point-based grading system in order to assess the business immigration applicants’ eligibility, the federal self-employed individual program as well needs candidates to possess two years of relevant work experience within their field as evidence that they could be lucratively self-employed in any Canadian province except Quebec.

Quebec Self Employed Program

It is similar to its federal counterpart; the Quebec self-employed program needs candidates to show their capability to be successfully self-employed within their industry. This program as well imposes a minimum net worth requirement of a hundred thousand dollars.


Provincial Nominee Self Employed

If a candidate wishes to settle in a specific province, they might select to apply under their own self-employed stream of the provincial nominee program. Every province has its own set of eligibility requirements and selection criteria like years of experience and evidence of personal funds.


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