Spousal Open Work Permit

In this spousal open work permit program, you have the power to come, stay, and work for any employer in Canada. If your spouse is currently studying or working in Canada, you might be eligible for an open work permit.


Criteria To Fulfill

These are some criteria that the potential spousal work permit holder has to fulfill:

  • You should have sufficient funds to sustain yourself in Canada
  • Prove they are in the right health by giving a medical test
  • Not be classified as a hazardous individual and have no criminal record.
  • Not work under an employer that is not qualified, or in erotic dance, escort services, or massages.
  • Prove they will return home after their permit ends
  • Provide all the required credentials as per the demand of the officer.

Eligibility Requirements

You can be eligible for a SOWP if your spouse is


An experienced worker, working under NOC skill TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3 classifications and has a valid work permit.


An international student at school, college, or university, and has a valid study permit.


Applying for the AIPP in NOC skill TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3 classifications or residing/working as a foreign military member in Canada.


A foreign representative in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Spousal Open Work Permit?
A spousal open work permit allows your spouse of certain temporary Canadian permit holders to work anywhere in Canada, for whichever employer they want to but with few limitations.
Who Can Apply For A Spousal Open Work Permit?
Applicants who have applied to be sponsored by their spouse, or those whose spouses are living in Canada on a study permit or work permit might be capable to apply for a spousal open work permit program.
What Is The General Processing Time For The Spousal Open Work Permit Application?
The general processing times can take three to five months. However, this time does not include the time taken to complete the bio-metrics.
What Is The Cost For The Spousal Open Work Permit Application?
Candidates should pay a total of 255$ for both the application and the open work permit holder cost.
Can We Get A Permanent Residency With Spousal Open Wok Permit In Canada?
Yes, the spousal open work permit is an amazing pathway to getting permanent residency in Canada. It allows you to get valid work exposure, which can then be used to gain extra points for immigration programs of permanent residency.
Can We Apply Canadian Spousal Open Work Permit From Anywhere In The World?
Yes, the spousal open work permit can be applied from both inside and outside Canada. If you are applying from outside Canada, it will require you to get a visa to enter Canada as the work permit only allows you to stay and doesn’t give you the right to enter and re-enter alone.
Can A Spouse's Open Work Permit Be Extended?
Yes, if your spouse’s open work permit expires, you would have to reapply based on your spouse’s permit.
Can I Add My Minors On My Spouse Open Work Permit?
Yes, while applying for a spousal open work, minors’ children might as well accompany the permit holder by applying for a visitor record.

SOWP Document Checklist

  • Acknowledgment of Receipt letter
  • Completed application forms
  • Proof of status in Canada
  • Proof of spouse’s status in Canada
  • Marriage certificate & Copy of your passport
  • Proof of common-law status, proof of payment for applicable government costs, and proof of relationship to the principal applicant

Reason SOWP Rejected

  • A principal candidate is living outside of Canada
  • No proof that your spouse is attending a DLI (designated learning institute)
  • Lacking evidence of funds
  • Missing evidence of employment
  • Not enough ties to the homeland
  • Absence of genuine relationship evidence


Visa/Work Permit Reqirements

  • Should be in a genuine relationship with a qualifying foreign national principal applicant, citizen, or permanent resident
  • Should be eligible to apply as the spouse of a qualifying foreign national
  • Should be eligible to apply for a Canada sponsorship applicant
  • Are not criminally prohibited in Canada
  • Are not medically prohibited in Canada


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