Intra Company Transfer

An immigration pathway under the international mobility program that enables qualified business owners to transfer their businesses to Canada and obtain a work permit is called intra company transfer.


Who Can Apply

There are three categories of individuals who might benefit from an ICT program:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and shareholders of successful companies who are holding executive positions in that company and who plan to do similar work in Canada.
  • Key workers of a business who have advanced specialized know-how that is not common or unique.
  • Senior and functional managers who are working in a foreign agency and plan to occupy the same position in Canada.

ICT Canada Requirements

  • The home company should be functional for about twelve months before expansion to Canada.
  • The home company should be financially capable of supporting foreign operations in Canada.
  • The home company should be related to the company in Canada as a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate company and Canadian operations would be a possible enterprise and outcome in job creation for Canadians.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ICT – Intra Company Transfer?

ICT – Intra company transfer is an immigration pathway under the international mobility program that enables qualified business owners to transfer their businesses to Canada and obtain a work permit.

How Long Is The Intra-Company Transfer Visa Valid?

The ICT work permit is valid for one year. If you want to renew the work permit through ICT you should provide proof that the Canadian and foreign companies have a qualifying relationship, the new office has engaged in the constant provisions of goods for the past year, and the new office has been staffed.

How Long Does ICT Visa Take In Canada?

The intra company transfer Canada visa takes about two to ten weeks.

Can ICT Apply For PR In Canada?

Of course, ultimately an individual who is working in Canada under the ICT could apply for Canada PR.

Does ICT Need LMIA?

ICT doesn’t need LMIA. Qualified ICT need work permits and are not liable from the LMIA under exemption code C12 as they provide a major economic advantage to Canada through the transfer of their expertise to Canadian businesses.

Can an ICT Visa Be Transferred To Other Company?

Well, you can update your active visa with a new job if it is with a similar employer but if you wish to change employers then you would have to reapply for an ICT.

Can ICT Switch To Permanent Residency?

Employees that are working under the ICT program might qualify for a permanent residency visa express entry system or provincial nominee programs.

Can You Work For Another Employer With An ICT?

Unfortunately, you cannot work for any other company while holding an ICT work permit as it is a closed work permit. Although relying on the nature of your business, your company in Canada could sell services/items to its customers.

Executive Capacity

To meet the requirement for executive capacity, a position should meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Directs the organization’s management or a key element of the organization’s function
  • Establishes the policies and goals of the organization, element, or function
  • Practices broad latitude in open decision-making and gets only general supervision or direction from higher-level executives, stockholders, or the board of directors of the organization.

Managerial Capacity

To meet the requirement for managerial capacity, a position should meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Manages the organization, or a unit, subdivision, function, or element of the organization
  • Supervises and controls the work of other professional or executive workers, or manages an important function within the organization, or a unit or subdivision of the organization
  • Has the power to employ and fire or suggest those, also other, personnel actions; if no other worker is supervised, functions directly at a senior position within the organizational hierarchy or for the function managed.


Specialized Know How

To meet the requirement for specialized know-how, a position should meet both of the following criteria:

  • PROPRIETARY KNOW-HOW – Company-specific knowledge linked to a company’s item or services. It implies that the company hasn’t disclosed specifications that would enable other agencies to copy the item or service.
  • ADVANCE EXPERTISE – Specialized know-how gained through significant and recent experience with the organization and used by the individual to contribute majorly to the worker’s productivity.


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